Community Advice regarding COVID-19 (Coronavirus)

1 June 2020? Funeral Attendance Guidelines?

MCK understands that these are trying times for us all, especially for families dealing with grief and loss, and we are here to guide you through the current Government guidelines. We are therefore instituting the following for all Funerals as of Monday 1st June and respectfully expect full compliance:

The Victorian Government has restricted the number of attendees at a funeral to a maximum of no more than 50 people with social distancing directives applying both inside the Chapel and outside in the cemetery.?

The Rabbi plus 50 family or friends (as chosen and advised by the family) will attend at the Cemetery (MCK staff are not included in the 50 attendees).?

MCK will continue to list the funeral service as PRIVATE with a free web streaming service available.?

MCK staff will act as pallbearers escorting the deceased to the grave.

MCK will limit Chapel attendees to a maximum of 50, and maintain a record all attendees as required by the Government.?

Please download and complete the attendee register and provide to MCK staff before or at the funeral.


Consecration Attendance Guidelines

Consecrations may be scheduled as per current Government guidelines. A maximum of 20 attendees are permitted at a Consecration service (excluding the Rabbi) with all social distancing directives applying. MCK is not responsible for attendee management.

Minyan and Shiva Guidelines

As per Government guidelines, up to 20 people may be in your home (including those that live in the home) thereby allowing a minyan to take place and facilitating controlled shiva visits. Please refer to your Rabbi for guidance.?

MCK Office Update

The MCK administrative office in St Kilda is open for essential client appointments (Mon -Thu: 9am - 5pm and Fri: till 9am - 2pm).?

To report a death, please call 03 9534 0208 (24/7), for administrative matters please call 03 9534 0208 during office hours.?

Cemeteries are open as usual and social distancing applies.


Due to current Government directives regarding social distancing?MCK has instituted the following policy effective immediately;

  • All Funerals are by family invitation only.?
  • The family of the deceased are to personally invite only close family/friends to attend at the cemetery (maximum 50).?
  • If a minyan (10) of Jewish men are not available, MCK will ensure that there are 10 Jewish men in attendance.
  • All Chapel services will be webstreamed, allowing everyone to participate remotely.
  • Social distancing within the Chapel will be expected.
  • Hand sanitiser will be available.?
  • For advice regarding Minyan and Shiva etiquette, please refer to your Rabbi.?

13 March 2020:?Please be advised that while assisting families following the passing of a loved one (irrespective of the cause of passing) and bringing that person into our care, our Funeral Attendants will be wearing Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) as prescribed by The Victorian Department of Health and Human Services (DHHS ) to protect both families and ourselves during the current period of COVID-19 (Coronavirus) concerns.??

As an essential community service we must attend and perform our duties, so the PPE equipment is now a mandatory requirement. We apologise if this causes any extra stress at this already sensitive time.?

When attending a Funeral please be mindful of all the precautions and guidelines issued by Government and Communal bodies regarding public gatherings and social distancing. Obviously, please refrain from kissing, hugging and hand shaking mourners or other attendees.?

As a community service MCK will be offering all families free webstreaming of the Shtiebel service, allowing friends to particpate from home, rather than attending a large community gathering.?